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"Airbox Dental" & "Airbox Center Dental" – High quality compressed air production


Quiet, Efficient, Oil-free


Admittedly, the idea of installing a dry-running reciprocating compressor within a soundproof enclosure isn’t exactly new. Kaeser, however, has now combined this proven concept with the latest technology in a new range of highly efficient dental compressors: The "Airbox Dental" and "Airbox Center Dental". The perfect choice for larger dental practices, clinics and laboratories, these advanced compressor systems provide air deliveries from 0.25 to 0.9 m³/min with motor powers from 2.2 to 7.5 kW.

As the name suggests, Kaeser Kompressoren’s “Airbox dental" models comprise an industrial reciprocating compressor housed within a sound-proof enclosure. Providing users with exceptional flexibility, the new "Airbox dental" models are available with five different motor powers and a choice of two package sizes. At the heart of each unit lies a dry-running, directly coupled reciprocating compressor from Kaeser's renowned "KCT" range.

Another key feature of the "Airbox" range is its innovative cooling system: Clever air flow design ensures optimal system cooling which, unusually for a reciprocating compressor, allows up to 100 % duty cycles and dependable operation in high ambient temperatures. Moreover, the "Airbox" concept is also characterised by ultra-low sound levels of between only 58 to 66 dB(A), depending on the system's motor size. Best possible efficiency and reliability are guaranteed by the electronic "Sigma Control basic" control system.

"Airbox Center Dental": The all-in-one compact solution

User's looking for an efficient turnkey compressed air supply solution need look no further than the "Airbox Center Dental”: A soundproofed "Airbox Dental" compressor - as described above - forms the core of all "Airbox Center Dental" models which are also available in five different motor powers; air deliveries and performance values are therefore the same. The key differences however are that, in addition to efficient and quiet compressed air production, "Airbox Center Dental" models also provide application-tailored compressed air treatment and storage. Here's how: The compressor is mounted on a 200 l or 270 l (for the three larger models) capacity air receiver and each system features an integrated refrigeration dryer. A combination filter can also be installed downstream from the dryer as required. Consequently, the "Airbox Center Dental" is an all-in-one compressed air supply system, yet requires hardly any more installation space than a comparable "Airbox Dental" model.

No matter whether you choose the "Airbox Dental" or "Airbox Center Dental" version, these compact systems ensure a dependable and efficient supply of quality compressed air to keep maintenance and running costs to an absolute minimum.

Intelligent product solutions for efficient and quiet production of high quality compressed air: "Airbox Dental" and "Airbox Center Dental" (Picture). A dependable industrial quality reciprocating compressor lies at the heart of both system versions.

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