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Quiet and efficient: 'Dental' series compressors from Kaeser


Optimised Cooling


Compressed air systems for dental practices, clinics and laboratories have to meet the strictest requirements: In addition to providing the very best in efficiency, reliability and compressed air quality, they must also be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Kaeser has therefore equipped its proven range of dental compressors with an optimised cooling system.

The compressed air after-cooler in Kaeser's ‘Dental’ series compressors is now more effective than ever: The innovative ring-cooler reduces compressed air temperature even further before it flows into the downstream dryer resulting in significantly enhanced drying performance.

High sound levels are never welcome in dental practices or laboratories, which is why models are also available equipped with highly effective sound enclosures. These versions deliver super-silent performance of 52 or 60 dB (A) making them amongst the quietest units on the market. Made from powder-coated metal, the enclosure has a smooth surface to ensure simple and effective disinfection. Furthermore, there’s no need to disconnect the compressor from the compressed air supply system when retrofitting the enclosure. Ventilation is provided by the compressor’s large fan rather than a smaller separate fan integrated into the enclosure, as is normally the case. The enclosure incorporates generously sized louvered vents that are sound-damped for intake-, cooling- and exhaust-air.

Depending on the model, Kaeser’s ‘Dental’ series compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air to between 1 and 5 treatment units with continuous output of 52, 135 and 225 l/min (at 5 bar). Practices or laboratories with higher compressed air volume requirements can opt for the "Dental 5/2T" version which is equipped with two compressor units and provides a maximum air delivery of 524 l/min. As compressors in this size class are always installed in a specially designated room and because the units are exceptionally quiet, a sound enclosure is not offered for this version.

In addition, a “Seccomat” desiccant dryer with an integrated fine filter is installed downstream from the compressor to ensure optimised compressed air treatment, whilst Kaeser’s "Permanent Power System" (PPS) enables 100% compressor duty cycles and provides significant energy savings.

B-Kaeser-Dental-webThe compressed air after-cooler system in Kaeser's ‘Dental’ series compressors is now more effective than ever and significantly enhances drying performance.

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