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The Mobilair M171


Construction site efficiency


Users requiring a powerful, dependable and cost-effective supply of quality compressed air that is also environmentally compliant need look no further than the new towable M171 portable compressor from Kaeser Kompressoren.

Powered by a 129 kW, 6-cylinder Deutz engine, the M171 provides an impressive free air delivery of 15.5 m³/min at 10 bar. Even with a full tank of fuel, the standard version weighs in at well under 3 tonnes, making the M171 a true class leader when it comes to heavyweight performance coupled with lightweight design.

Furthermore, because the Deutz engine is ready-equipped with a particulate filter that complies with the European Stage IV emissions standard, the M171 is welcome in any low emission zone.

The M171 also features an advanced energy-saving fan that is controlled according to operating temperature, which consequently enables users to enjoy fuel savings of up to 6 percent. Moreover, this versatile powerhouse uses the latest Sigma Control mobil compressor controller. Simple to operate, it allows operating pressure to be set between 6 and 14 bar in 0.1 bar steps. This is where the dynamic pressure and delivery control comes into play, automatically adjusting the maximum air delivery in each case. Thus, the M171 can be precisely configured according to actual demand. Not only that, but the controller also ensures machine-friendly start/stop operation and provides valuable information regarding operational data, as well as letting users know when maintenance is due.

A new axial condensate separator is installed downstream from the compressed air aftercooler to ensure even better condensate separation performance and reduced pressure losses in the system. As before, the separated condensate is evaporated via the hot exhaust gases. Furthermore, if the reheating option is chosen, compressed air discharge temperature can be infinitely adjusted to achieve perfect results for dry ice blasting applications, for example. Needless to say, the compressed air treatment methods mentioned above can also be used with a microfilter combination to produce technically oil-free air.

In addition to chassis-mounted models with a run-on brake and height-adjustable or fixed tow-bar, stationary versions are also available.

M 171When it comes to the production of large volumes of quality compressed air, the M 171 has it all. Dependable, energy-efficient and welcome in any low emission zone, the M 171, together with numerous available extras, provides the power and versatility to meet all of your compressed air needs.

Mobilair M171

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