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“Mobilair 43” portable compressor with PE enclosure: User-friendly, efficient and powerful



The “Mobilair 43” portable compressor with double-walled sound enclosure is an attractive machine all around. The scratch-resistant sound enclosure made of rotation-sintered polyethylene makes it highly durable and completely corrosion-proof. Underneath this streamlined and functional enclosure is a highly versatile portable compressor that assures exceptional efficiency, user-friendliness and environmentally friendly operation.

Delivering 4.2 m³ of compressed air per minute at 7 bar, typical applications for the “Mobilair 43” include driving compressed air hammers and impact moles. The compressor is powered by a water-cooled Kubota four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that helps keep operating sound levels to a minimum. In fact, with a sound pressure level of just 69 dB (A) (measurement surface sound pressure level per ISO 3744) the “Mobilair 43” is one of the quietest compressors in its class.

The unit, with its low-speed operation, owes its exceptional performance to a combination of factors including a highly efficient Kaeser rotary screw airend with “Sigma Profile” rotors, a loss-free 1:1 drive and the four-cylinder turbo diesel engine mentioned above. With a full tank of fuel, the compressor weighs in at less than 750 kg and consequently achieves an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. The Mobilair 43 also offers two additional advantages for the European market: first, even novice drivers can transport the “Mobilair 43” without the need for an additional trailer licence; second, the unit can be towed in the EU without a run-on brake. Nevertheless, chassis variants with run-on brake as well as fixed or height-adjustable tow bar are also available. Moreover, the machine’s lighter weight also facilitates manoeuvrability and handling for positioning and transportation.

Another significant advantage is the patented Anti-Frost Control installed as standard – during the colder months of the year, the system protects compressed air tools against freezing and corrosion damage, thereby significantly enhancing their reliability and service life.

With fully automated monitoring, this compressor has it all in terms of machining quality, ease of maintenance and user-friendly operation: all metal chassis components are first galvanised and then powder coated to assure long-term corrosion protection. All maintenance-relevant parts are easily accessible and compressor operation is simple: there is only one switch, the instrument panel is clearly laid out and users are guided by easy-to-understand pictograms.

The integrated hose reel option provides additional advantages: not only is the 20-metre compressed air hose conveniently stowed away, but it is also protected from damage and the potential for tripping accidents is eliminated.

C-Mobilair-43PEThe “Mobilair 43” portable compressor with PE enclosure combines user-friendly operation with an impressive power-to-weight ratio. With a flow rate of 4.2 m³/min, the unbraked version weighs in at less than 750 kg, even including the optional factory-mounted hose reel.

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