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Efficient and Reliable Compressed Air Treatment



The “DA” pure air systems (DA stands for desiccant activated carbon) from Kaeser Kompressoren produce compressed air that meets the highest standards of the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries, breweries and food and drink processing plants.

Each system comprises micro and particle filters, an air-dryer and an activated carbon adsorber, all with electronic control and monitoring, the whole being enclosed within a compact cabinet. Compressed air is treated in multiple stages to emerge free of moisture, dust and oil to a degree of purity over 400 times cleaner that the ambient air drawn in by the compressor. Operational data is continuously monitored and an alarm is initiated if measured values stray beyond strictly set limits. If there is no quick rectification a solenoid valve shuts off the air supply. This fail-safe system reliably prevents air of less than stipulated quality passing into the user's air main. The turnkey system is easy to install and maintain. Kaeser also offers individual air treatment components for all classes up to 100% sterile air. The design and dimensions of the filters ensure consistent air quality, reliability, long operational life, minimum pressure drop and low operating costs.

presse190100The DA Pure Air System reliably delivers dry and pure compressed air of the highest quality as demanded by breweries and food and drink processing plants.

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