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Airend expertise for blowers


The amazing energy-saver


Quieter, more efficient and more cost-effective than the rest: Kaeser Kompressoren now offers its unique Sigma Profile for blowers. The compressed air specialist is proud to introduce the highly efficient EBS screw blower for low-pressure applications.

The EBS screw blower successfully incorporates Kaeser’s proven technology that, true to Kaeser’s motto, has brought ‘more and more savings’ to the world of compressors and now makes these advantages available to low-pressure applications. The new Kaeser blowers are up to 35 percent more efficient than conventional rotary blowers and even provide significant advantages compared with many currently available screw blowers on the market with regards to energy efficiency. The rotors are not coated, which means that efficiency essentially remains consistent even after many years of operation. The performance values stated for the effective total power consumption and usable air volume correspond directly to what is actually delivered in the application (complying with the tight tolerances specified in ISO 1217). This ensures that planned savings become a reality.

Comprehensive monitoring and easy connection to communications networks for individual machines is provided by the integrated Sigma Control 2 controller, whilst the Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master control system - equipped with specialised blower software – now brings greater productivity and energy savings to complete blower stations.

A wide range of applications including wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying systems and energy production, as well as numerous sectors in the food and beverage industries, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the pulp, paper, and textile industries, construction materials manufacturing and general industry can all benefit from the advantages that this cutting-edge screw technology has to offer.

It goes without saying EBS screw blowers are made in Germany and feature the same outstanding properties for which Kaeser products are renowned throughout the world. The new screw blowers feature an internal cooling concept that makes the energy-wasting use of an oil pump and oil cooler superfluous. In addition, they are designed with an effective sealing concept which ensures excellent sealing over the long-term without the need for a vacuum pump. Dispensing with auxiliary equipment and oil lubrication also increases machine service life and reliability. For optimum cooling and efficiency, cooling air is drawn in from outside the enclosure, which not only boosts performance, but also provides greater usable air-mass flow for the same drive power. The blowers are simple to install, are designed for dependable continuous operation and are exceptionally durable. Thanks to logical component layout, these versatile systems can be installed next to a wall, or even side-by-side, and make maintenance a breeze.

EBSThe new EBS screw blower from Kaeser Kompressoren offers exceptional energy efficiency, durability and user-friendliness.

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