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  Calculating Pressure Drop 
Please use a decimal point and not a comma to indicate the decimal place!
The blue rows indicated contain results.
The calculation is valid for smooth pipes.

SI - Units
US - Units

Flow rate V m³/min
Nominal pipe length L m
Nominal pipe inside diameter Id mm
Working pressure absolute p bar
Pressure drop  Δp bar

The nominal length of the pipework is calculated by adding the straight pipe runs and the equivalent length of each joint or fitting.

The equivalent lengths of the joints and fittings can be calculated from the list or simply estimated as 60% of the straight runs, i.e. total length = total straight runs x 1.6.

  Calculation Equivalent pipe length 
SI - Units
US - Units

Pipe diameter   DN
    equivalent length [m] Number
Elbow 0
Elbow R=2d 0
Elbow R=d 0
T-piece through 0
T-piece branch 0
Seated valve 0
Butterfly / ball valve 0
Check valve 0
Reduction piece (DN):    0 0
Equivalent lengths of joints and fittings:  m
Calculating Nominal Pipe Length
Calculating Nominal Pipe Inside Diameter
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