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Cost-efficient COMPACT Blowers



Delivery: 1.5 to 93 m³/min
Pressure up to 1000 mbar
Vacuum to -500 mbar


Compact design
Intelligent design allows all service and maintenance work to be carried out either from the top or front of each unit. COMPACT series blowers can therefore be installed directly next to one another, because all components are integrated within each unit. All pipe connections and cooling air apertures are located at the rear of the unit, which makes side-by-side installation of several packages even easier.
Optimum component accessibility from the front
– V-belt tensioning device and tension indicator (two-section belt guard for larger units)
– Inlet filter inspection and change 
– Motor connection terminal block
– Oil drain and filling plug, oil level inspection
3-lobe OMEGA block   Three-lobe KAESER OMEGA blower block
For pressures up to 1000 mbar(g), discharge temperatures up to 160 °C, wide control range with frequency-controlled operation, Q 2.5 rotor balancing for quieter operation, extended service life and minimal maintenance requirement.
belt tensioning   Automatic tensioning
Precise belt-tensioning ensures outstanding efficiency and extends belt service life, consequently reducing the need for service and maintenance work.
sight glasses   Oil level inspection at a glance
Large, easy to view sight-glasses enable quick and easy oil level inspection.
A wide range of sensors and switches for monitoring pressure, temperature, speed, oil level and filters ensures dependable blower operation and enables remote monitoring and visualisation of operational status.
The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient blower control and monitoring. The clear display and RFID reader ensure optimised communication and security, whilst variable interfaces provide convenient flexibility for data bus connection. The SD card slot also makes updates quick and easy.
   Low operating costs
Energy costs taken over the lifetime of any blower system add up to many times that of the initial capital cost. Every KAESER blower is therefore equipped with a high efficiency blower block featuring OMEGA PROFIL rotors and an IE3 electric motor to ensure maximum energy savings and outstanding system performance.
   Air intake
The system’s blower and motor cooling air is drawn in from outside the sound enclosure from the cooler ambient surroundings. This not only improves motor and bearing cooling efficiency, but, for the same drive power, also achieves higher flow capacity volumes (Nm³) and therefore lower specific power demand.
   Minimal pulsation and quiet operation
As pulsations from the conveying air can cause the connected pipework to generate noise, the soundproofing on KAESER rotary blowers is designed to minimise sound emissions from both the machine itself and from the conveying air. The three-lobe blower blocks in KAESER Compact series blower units minimise conveying air pulsation, whilst remaining noise emissions are absorbed by the units’ highly effective soundproofing enclosure which uses heat-resistant Trevira® polyester wool.
   Outdoor installation
Outdoor installation of KAESER blowers is simple and inexpensive. With the addition of specially designed rainproof air inlets with bird protection screens, the units are able to operate as normal. Outdoor installation also means that work-environment sound levels are further reduced.
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