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EBS - Blower efficiency redefined


More air for your money

KAESER screw blowers use up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers and even achieve significant energy savings compared to currently available screw blowers. The combination of a blower airend with high efficiency SIGMA PROFILE rotors, flow-optimised components, efficient power transmission and drive components ensures exceptional performance, guaranteed by KAESER in accordance with the stringent requirements of ISO 1217.

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Air at the press of a button

Delivered as user-friendly, turnkey systems, KAESER screw blowers simply need to be installed in position, connected to the air distribution network and the electrical supply and you’re ready to go! The laborious processes of oil-filling, drive belt installation, motor adjustment, procurement of a suitable frequency converter, programming, cabling in accordance with EMC regulations, drawing circuit diagrams, organising CE and EMC certification – the list goes on – are thankfully in the past. There’s no doubt about it: complete, certified machines from systems providers save time and money while delivering many years of dependable operation.

SIGMA PROFILE blower airends

The high-efficiency blower airends combine a wide control range with near constant specific power. Equipped with SIGMA PROFILE rotors, they ensure maximum air delivery and keep power consumption to an absolute Minimum.
Comprehensive sensors

A wide range of sensors and switches for monitoring pressure, temperature, speed, oil level and filters ensures dependable blower operation and allows remote monitoring and visualisation of operational status.

The version with integrated Y-Δ-starter operates at constant speed and is equipped with a premium contactor, overload protection cut-out and phase loss monitoring. The SIGMA CONTROL 2 and a dependable emergency stop system round out the package.

Using variable speed control, the SFC frequency converter adjusts blower performance to match application air demand. Everything is ready for immediate operation, since all programming and parametrisation is performed at the factory.
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SIGMA PROFILE blower airends
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