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SIGMA PROFILE blower airends


Blower efficiency redefined

The rotors in KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s new EBS series screw blowers are developed from the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE and have been designed to meet the specialised needs associated with blower applications. Just like their compressor counterparts, KAESER’s screw blowers deliver more air and more savings.

Together, the blower airend with the premium quality mechanical and electrical components create a powerful, energy-efficient turnkey system with a forward-thinking design.

Guaranteed performance specifications

To ensure that you benefit from the projected savings during actual operation, KAESER provides you with the effective overall power consumption data, as well as the usable flow rate, in accordance with ISO 1217 in Appendix C, or E as applicable.

Dependable seals

The field-proven sliding ring seal on the blower airend’s rotary transmission drive shaft lead-through is maintenance-free and provides dependable sealing, even in hot and / or dusty environments.
Continuous system monitoring

Sensors for oil level and temperature monitoring are integrated into the blower airend. The oil chamber is designed to ensure this functionality even during machine operation when the oil is in motion.
Durable bearings

All radial forces are borne by four robust cylinder roller bearings, which are rated to ensure long screw blower airend service life. The rollers are encased in high-tech cages for optimum lubrication at all speeds.
Optimised specific power

The moderate maximum speed, the extra dense screw profile and the near constant specific power across the wide variable speed control range all combine to achieve significant energy savings throughout the entire operating curve.
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EBS - Blower efficiency redefined
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