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Powerful, efficient



HB 1300 and 1600 PI Series
Delivery: 55 to 160 m³/min
Pressure up to 1000 mbar
Vacuum to -500 mbar

Rotary blower unit Omega

Simple maintenance
Removable panels in the sound enclosure allow easy access for all servicing work e.g. oil and filter inspection / changes, V-belt tensioning.
motor   Energy-saving motors
IE3 efficiency class drive motors (IP55, insulation class F) are used and increase the energy efficiency of the entire package as a result of their impressive performance.
belt tensioning   Automatic belt tensioning
Irrespective of motor weight, the pivoted motor base with tensioning spring automatically ensures optimum belt tension and, as a result, transmission efficiency. This system consequently reduces servicing and maintenance costs.
oil changing   Simple oil change
An oil drain-line is installed next to the enclosure door to enable quick and easy oil changes without having to carry out complicated disassembly work.
fan   Independent fan
The ventilation fan for the sound enclosure has its own separate motor to ensure optimum cooling performance, which is especially important for frequency controlled units.
cooling air flow   High efficiency cooling air flow system
Outstanding cooling performance is assured, as the drive motor is equipped with its own cooling air intake and ambient air is used for the blowing-air. This results in maximum efficiency and high capacity.
   Unloaded starting
The optional Unloaded-Start Valve (USV) is located under the sound enclosure.
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