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Small Desiccant Dryer



Series DC 1.5 - 7.5
Flow capacity 0.15 to 0.75 m³/min

DC 1.5 - 1.7

Reliable Drying Results with Component-Kind Ten Minute Cycles 
Small DC desiccant dryers also operate in ten-minute cycles to achieve pressure dew points of -40 °C. By reducing the number of switching sequences between the tanks, this method consequently reduces the load on valve components and the SIGMA Dry desiccant. Moreover, long cycle times reduce the amount of compressed air required to restore pressure after the desiccant regeneration phase. For example, 7.6% of the compressed air has to be diverted for a two-minute cycle. However, this proportion drops to 1.3% for a ten-minute cycle with a small DC dryer from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN. This reduction saves energy and extends desiccant service life. The outstanding reliability and efficiency of DC dryers is further aided by the flow optimised round interior of the desiccant tank and by streaming of air through the desiccant via the specially designed screen filters.

Adsorptionsbehaelter   Desiccant Tank
Application specific design enables 1,000,000 load cycles at 10 bar(g)
All requirements met as per Pressure Equipment Regulation 97/23/EG. 
Continuous operation of at least ten years is possible.
zuverlaessige Komponenten   Quality Components
Proven valve technology guarantees trouble-free operation. Operational status can be viewed at a glance via the manometer which is fitted to each tank. All DC Compact desiccant dryers are equipped as standard with easily accessible pre- and after-filters from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.
Zeitsteuerung   Cycle Control
The user-friendly cycle control system from KAESER enables quick and clear pressure dew point selection of -40 °C and -70 °C.
E-Pack   E-Pack (optional for all sizes)
In this version, the upstream desiccant dryer pre-filter is equipped with an ECO-Drain electronic condensate drain to provide highly effective condensate removal without loss of compressed air.
intermittierender Betrieb   Intermittent Operation
An on/off controller can help save energy in systems with frequently interrupted cycle phases. “Reverse regeneration” (where the regeneration cycle uses air from the downstream air receiver) is particularly reliable as a completely regenerated desiccant tank is always available each time the drying cycle restarts. This technique eliminates the possibility of extreme pressure dew point values from occurring at the outlet as a result of excessive loading of the desiccant.
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