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Save Energy with ECO CONTROL


Eco Control

Efficient – Service-friendly – Versatile 
A choice of two demand-oriented, energy-saving control systems is available for DC 12 dryer models upwards. As you might expect from KAESER products, each features a user-friendly control panel that combines comprehensive functionality with ease of use. Standard DC models are equipped with the efficient  ECO CONTROL basic system which features a highly effective purge air save mode. For maximum energy savings, the load dependent  ECO CONTROL  in “E-Pack” models uses an ultra-reliable pressure dew point trend recognition system. Enabling intermittent operation and system connectivity, both systems are particularly service-friendly thanks to their comprehensive status & maintenance displays.

ECO CONTROL: Pressure Dew Point Trend Recognition Control 
ECO CONTROL significantly reduces energy consumption through variable flow volume, pressure and temperature parameters. The Pressure Dew Point Trend Recognition Control is more cost-effective and reliable than conventional systems, as it reacts instantly to temperature differences in the desiccant and not to increases in pressure dew point at the dryer outlet. New measurements and relative temperature difference comparisons are carried out for each new cycle. As tank switchover occurs only after the desiccant has been used to its full potential, each drying phase can be extended by up to 30 minutes, allowing significant savings in purge air consumption.

  • No need for a costly pressure dew point measuring device.
  • The associated regular calibration and maintenance costs are also eliminated.
  • A further advantage over a pressure dew point measuring device is that  temperature sensor operation can be easily checked via reliable open circuit monitoring.

Benutzerorientiert   User-Friendly
Aesthetic, user-friendly control panel developed and constructed to KAESER’s exacting design standards. Simple pressure dew point adjustment in accordance with ISO classification. Load-dependent control with easy-to-read display and five language options.
Servicefreundlich   Service-Friendly
Units feature an easy-to-read display panel with visual system overview and LEDs on the pressure switch, valve, and tank icons to provide clear, precise information regarding operational and servicing status. The exact valve switching sequence can be checked in the manual test mode.
vernetzbar mit SAM   SIGMA AIR MANAGER Connectivity
Both ECO CONTROL versions are equipped as standard with a remote on/off and volts-free contact that can be monitored for alarm situations. With the ECO CONTROL system it is possible to connect and display data from a pressure dew point measuring device via an analogue input.
Eco Control basic   Save Purge Air with ECO CONTROL basic
With ECO CONTROL basic, the dryer is able to reduce its regeneration cycle to a value below the set rated flow value. For example, if the dryer is purchased with future compressed air system expansion in mind and is operating at only 80% capacity, its regeneration time can be reduced from 4 minutes to 3.2 minutes – a purge air saving of 20 percent. This feature allows drying capacity in the compressed air system to be varied according to actual demand.
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