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KMM – Eight Decisive Advantages


Inflow-Konzept   "Flow" Concept
Each hollow membrane fibre consists of a highly porous support layer and an internal separating membrane layer that is permeable only by water. Due to the differential pressure between the purge air and the damp compressed air, the moisture contained in the compressed air evaporates as it enters the fibres and permeates the separating membrane layer. This means that the pores in the support layer are always able to let water vapour through, even if moisture condenses on the module or fibres.
Effizientes Trocknen   Outstanding Performance
The spiralled helix structure of the fibres in the inner chamber of the dryer module means that the module is now shorter, yet has the same drying capacity as previous longer models. At the same time it presents the maximum membrane surface area to the moist air and ensures an even flow of air through the fibre module. This feature, combined with the “Flow” concept, results in outstanding drying performance from a compact and highly efficient package.
Hohe Betriebssicherheit   Maximum Reliability
All functional components of the KMM dryer are integrated within a high-resilience enclosure. KAESER micro-filters installed upstream from the unit protect it from potential damage from dust, aerosol and oil contamination, whilst the KMM design ensures continuous compressed air drying. The actual composition (ratio of primary components, i.e. nitrogen and oxygen) of the air remains unchanged.
wartungsfrei   No Additional Power Necessary
The KMM membrane dryer features a rugged housing, requires no external power source, has no moving parts and releases the moisture removed from the compressed air as harmless water vapour into the ambient surroundings. With only the pre- and after-filters requiring intermittent replacement, the dryer uses no additional consumable items.
Spülluftstopventil   Energy-Saving Purge Air Stop Valve (Option)
To avoid unnecessary flow of purge air, the solenoid stop valve on the purge air outlet can be set to close during times when there is no compressed air demand. Furthermore, the valve provides unrivalled reliability and operated perfectly for well in excess of 1 million switching sequences under rigorous testing conditions.
Außendruckbeanspruchung   Super-fine Membrane Fibres
Compared with conventional membrane fibres, the fibres in Kaeser Membrane Modules (KMM) are much finer and far more densely packed. Consequently, the surface area available for compressed air drying is significantly larger and achieves superior drying results. The fibres are also mechanically stable and have been proven to deliver perfect performance for well in excess of 1 million operation sequences.
einfache Installation   Simple Installation
The KMM dryer can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall (preferable) using optionally available mountings. Furthermore, a specially designed installation and connection set allows the KMM to be installed in combination with various compressed air filters (e.g. FG activated carbon filter).
sauber und umweltfreundlich   Condensate Drainage Without Pressure Loss (Option)
For outstandingly safe and reliable condensate drainage, the upstream micro-filter can be equipped with an electronic ECO Drain system.
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