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KAESER Compressed Air Filters - Dependable and Efficient



Compressed air filters with threaded connection up to 14.2 m³/min

KAESER FILTER products are key components in delivering compressed air of all purity classes in accordance with ISO 8573-1 and they perform their duties with minimal pressure differential.
Moreover, their service-friendly design not only ensures simple, error-free opening and closing of the filter housing, but also allows quick and clean element changes.

Compressed air filters with flange connection up to 330 m³/min

For large compressed air flow rates Kaeser offers container design filters with flange connections. Generously dimensioned nominal diameters ensure minimal pressure loss. The filters are optionally available with automatic or electronic condensate drains.

High pressure filters - Stainless steel versions up to 45 bar

For special high-pressure applications, e.g. PET container production, KAESER high-pressure filters are available for working pressures up to 45 bar. High pressure filters are characterised by their durable stainless steel housings. Five different grades of filter elements are available ranging from prefilters up to activated carbon filters. KAESER high-pressure filters can also be equipped with the electronically level-controlled ECO-DRAIN condensate drain (PN63).

Activated Carbon Adsorber

For low maintenance high air quality, fit an ACT activated carbon adsorber to remove remaining oil vapour after the applicable air treatment and pre-filtration processes. Advantages include: Minimal remaining oil content down to 0.003 mg/m³ (considerably less than the limit for Class 1 in accordance with ISO 8573-1), generous volume and optimised flow mean that the long-lasting activated carbon typically ensures over 10,000 operating hours.> Large inlets/outlets also ensure low differential pressure for highly efficient operation.

Fluid separators

KAESER fluid separators remove large volumes of condensate, as well as larger particulate matter, from the compressed air. Thanks to their optimised spin and separator elements, they are able to achieve an exceptionally stable degree of separation of up to 99 % across their typical application range (20 - 100 % of their rated flow volume). Installed between the compressor and refrigeration dryer as required, this increases the fluid separator's effectiveness and reserves. The required pressure dew point can therefore be maintained even at higher ambient temperatures.

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