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Compressed air treatment


Additional air treatment components need to be installed downstream from the after-cooler and centrifugal separator (e.g. filter combinations for concrete cleaning as per ZTV-SIB) in order to achieve compressed air of a specified quality class. The differential pressure indicator enables filter status to be monitored quickly and easily.

Air treatment systems

System A
- Cool
- Condensate free
 option1 Cool, condensate-free compressed air (100 % saturated), for driving air tools and temporarily replacing stationary compressors
System F
- Cool
- Condensate free
- Filtered
 option2 Cool, condensate-free compressed air (100% saturated), free of dirt particles and oil
System B
- Warmed
- Dried
 option3 Dried compressed air, warmed to at least 20 °C, for working at sub-zero temperatures and with long air lines
System G
- Warmed
- Dried
- Filtered
 option4 Dried compressed air, warmed to at least 20 °C, free of dirt particles and oil
Fresh air
Partial flow as fresh air
 option5 Odour-free fresh air connected via a separate quick-release coupling (Only in combination with Option F or Option G)
  Does not provide protection from carbon monoxide (CO) or other noxious gases.  

Additional compressed air treatment systems are available upon request. Please contact Kaeser for further details.

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