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Powerful & multi-talented - Compressed air treatment and generator


Technical specifications:

Series:MOBILAIR M 27 to M 122
Delivery:1.9 to 11.1 m³/min
(65 to 390 cfm)
Pressure:7 to 14 bar
(100 to 200 psi)

The MOBILAIR portable compressors in this product group provide exceptional versatility.
They are in a class of their own when it comes to versatility, as they can be precisely tailored to meet the needs of the relevant application. Options include air treatment components, a three-phase synchronous generator, a choice of a fully galvanised chassis with overrun brake and a fixed or height adjustable tow bar, or stationary versions either mounted on skids or machine mountings.
More information regarding chassis options...
   Generator option
Various models can be optionally equipped with a generator.
The brushless generators are maintenance-free and, depending on energy requirement, can be switched from continuous operation to energy-saving automatic start mode.
More about the generator...
   Cool, clean compressed air
The compressed air is cooled to 7°C above ambient temperature. Accumulated condensate is able to drain away easily, as the compressed air cooler is installed at an angle, whilst the hot exhaust gasses from the motor are also used to aid condensate evaporation. This design consequently ensures reliable frost prevention during the winter months.
Additional air treatment components need to be installed downstream from the aftercooler and centrifugal separator (e.g. filter combinations for concrete cleaning as per ZTV-SIB) in order to achieve compressed air of a specified quality class. The differential pressure indicator enables filter status to be monitored quickly and easily.
More information regarding compressed air treatment...
   Sigma Profil
Every KAESER rotary screw airend is equipped with energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Components manufactured to the highest standards and precision aligned roller-bearings ensure long service life with maximum reliability.
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More Information
Compressed air treatment
Chassis options
M 27/31
1.9–3.15 m³/min
67–110 cfm
M 36/45
3.9–4.2 m³/min
135–150 cfm
M 52/70
5.0–7.0 m³/min
180–250 cfm
M 81/82
5.5–8.4 m³/min
195–300 cfm
M 122/123
7.3–11.4 m³/min
260–405 cfm
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