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Efficiency and performance with SIGMA CONTROL mobile


Technical specifications:

Series:MOBILAIR M 123 to M 350
Delivery:8.1 to 34.0 m³/min 
(285 to 1200 cfm)
Pressure:7 to 14 bar
(100 to 200 psi)

This advanced compressor controller ensures optimised compressed air availability and fuel efficiency using state-of-the-art electronic motor management. The system is both shock- and vibration proof and provides electric protection in accordance with IP 55 standards. Features include user-friendly operation, system monitoring and diagnostics. Using the arrow keys, system pressure can be precisely adjusted in 0.1 bar increments on the display.
All models are available with compressed air treatment components; the M 135 is even available with a 23 kVa generator.
More information regarding the SIGMA CONTROL mobile ...
   Cool, clean compressed air
The compressed air is cooled to 7°C above ambient temperature. Accumulated condensate is able to drain away easily, as the compressed air cooler is installed at an angle, whilst the hot exhaust gasses from the motor are also used to aid condensate evaporation. This design consequently ensures reliable frost prevention during the winter months.
Additional air treatment components need to be installed downstream from the aftercooler and centrifugal separator (e.g. filter combinations for concrete cleaning as per ZTV-SIB) in order to achieve compressed air of a specified quality class. The differential pressure indicator enables filter status to be monitored quickly and easily.
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   M 130 and M 135 with generator
The optionally available synchronous 3-phase generator (IP54) delivers 23-kVA. The brushless unit is maintenance-free and provides frequency and voltage data to the compressor control system. This consequently ensures exceptional reliability and maximum compressed air delivery, even during periods of high energy demand.
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   The perfect energy-saving combination:
The powerful combination of an energy-saving electronically-controlled diesel engine and the highly efficient KAESER SIGMA PROFILE rotary screw airend delivers outstanding performance with considerably reduced fuel consumption. MOBILAIR compressors can operate at full power for a whole shift without refuelling.
MOBILAIR fleet management   MOBILAIR fleet management
An optionally available GPS/GSM modem discretely integrated into the unit provides the user with online information regarding technical status of the machine. Should the user need to be alerted to an issue, the system actively reports it with a diagnostics check. In addition to current operating hours and position-fixing, the system also helps by providing valuable data for compressor load evaluation and maintenance planning.
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Compressed air treatment
Chassis options
M 122/123
7.3–11.4 m³/min
260–405 cfm
M 125
9.7–11.5 m³/min
345–405 cfm
M 135/170/171
10.5–17.0 m³/min
370–600 cfm
M 200
14.5–21.2 m³/min
515–750 cfm
M 250
20.0–26.3 m³/min
705–930 cfm
M 350
24.0–34.0 m³/min
850–1200 cfm
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