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Boosters for medium and large demand


Technical specifications

Series: N
Air delivery: 0.99 to 20.51 m³/min
Motor power: 7.5 to 45 kW
Initial pressure: 5 to 13 bar(g)
Final pressure: 20 to 45 bar(g)

N 253 G to N 2001 G

When greater volumes of air are needed at pressures up to 45 bar then the mid-size and larger of the KAESER booster models are the natural choice. At the heart of every one of these powerhouses is a precision machined two- or three-cylinder compressor block with high quality compressors and exceptional efficiency,
whilst IE3 premium efficiency electric drive motors up to 45 kW provide impressive performance.
The manual (two-cylinder models) or automatic drive belt tensioning systems (three-cylinder models) ensure constant efficient power transmission for reliable and economic operation.

According to application, air-cooled or water-cooled aftercooler versions are available (N 253 G – N 502 only air-cooled, from N 753 G air- or water-cooled aftercooler).

Air-cooled versions ((N 753 G - N 2001 G) are equipped with a separate fan-assisted aftercooler to keep the temperature differential between the inlet and compressed air (∆T) within close tolerances.

To ensure optimum cooling performance with a ∆T value of only approximately 5 K even at high ambient temperatures, models N 753 to N 2001 can be equipped with a water-cooled compressed air aftercooler.

Well oiled   Optimum lubrication
Equipped with an oil pump and oil filters, the new continuous oil filtration system available for after-cooler models N 253 G to N 1400 G extends the oil change interval to 2000 operating hours.
Maximum security   Maximum safety
Oil pressure, cylinder head temperatures and air discharge temperatures are continuously monitored on models N 253 G to N 1400 G. The safety shut-down sequence is initiated via alarm signals.
Automatic belt tensioning   Automatic belt tensioning
On models N 753 G to N 1400 G constant spring pressure on the motor swing-frame keeps the drive belt at the correct tension to ensure virtually maintenance-free power transmission.
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