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Industrial Reciprocating Compressors


Individual solutions on a modular basis

Quality: Made in Germany
Made in Germany: This phrase represents Kaeser’s continued commitment to producing specifically tailored compressed air solutions that deliver unrivalled customer satisfaction.
Each compressor block is meticulously assembled and tested to the very highest quality standards at Kaeser’s reciprocating compressor production centre in Coburg, Germany.
In addition, components such as pressure switches, solenoid valves and air receivers are supplied only by manufacturers that share Kaeser’s dedication for producing premium quality products. Furthermore, the logical, modular design of each system provides maximum flexibility, which not only allows system performance to be precisely matched to requirement, but also ensures optimum efficiency.

made in germany   Made in Germany
KAESER compressor blocks are made from materials of the highest quality. Each component is manufactured, inspected and assembled with meticulous care and precision. The result is a highly durable compressor which combines outstanding performance with unrivalled energy efficiency.
zylinder   Wear-free cylinder
Our special machining process produces a perfect finish on the inside wall of the cylinder, which makes running-in of the compressor unnecessary as no significant wear takes place after the unit is started for the first time.
valves   Stainless steel valves
The valve reeds in the corrosion resistant stainless steel valves are equipped with lift limiters to ensure air-tight valve closure and to prevent build-up of oil carbon. This results in exceptional service life and dependability.
manufacturing   Precision machining
Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and with more than 80 years of experience in precision engineering, KAESER’s skill and expertise guarantees products of the very highest quality standards.
function check   QM System testing
Each compressor system undergoes comprehensive testing before delivery. All components must pass the stringent tests determined by our Quality Management System.
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