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Functional diagram of a SM series system as an example


1 Intake filter
2 Inlet valve
3 Airend
4 Drive motor
5 Fluid separator
6 Air aftercooler
7 Fluid cooler
8 Fluid filter
9 Fan

How KAESER rotary screw compressors work

Atmospheric air is drawn through the inlet air filter, cleaned, and then passes into the airend where it is compressed. Specially developed SIGMA FLUID is injected into the airend to serve as coolant, lubricant and sealant. Under normal conditions the air reaches a temperature of only approx. 80 °C during compression. The compressed air is then separated from the cooling fluid (ca. < 2 mg/m³) in the separator and from there passes through the minimum pressure valve to the aftercooler. The separated, cooled and filtered cooling fluid is reinjected into the airend. In the aftercooler the air is cooled down to between 5 and 10 K above ambient and most of the moisture carried in the air is consequently removed before the air finally leaves the compressor at the outlet.

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