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Rotary screw compressors
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All-in-one rotary screw compressor systems - up to 22 kW


Technical Specifications

All-in-one systems:

Series: SXC
Motor power: 2.2 to 5.5 kW
FAD: 0.26 to 0.8 m³/min
Standard pressures: 8/11/15 bar(g)

Series: Aircenter
Motor power: 2.2 to 15 kW
FAD: 0.26 to 2.2 m³/min
Standard pressures: 8/11/15 bar(g)

Version with refrigeration dryer only:

Series: SX T, SM T, SK T and ASK T
Motor power: 2.2 to 22 kW
FAD: 0.26 to 3.5 m³/min
Standard pressures: 8/11/15 bar(g)

Space-saving combination of rotary screw compressor and refrigeration dryer 
With KAESER's intelligent system design, the compressor and refrigeration dryer are both completely separate, independently functioning modules. This protects the dryer from exposure to heat from the compressor package thereby enhancing reliability.

Energy saving refrigeration dryers
The dryer shut-down feature, which can be selected via the compressor controller, is linked to compressor operation and significantly reduces energy consumption. All components are generously sized yet are easily accessible for maintenance and servicing work.
*) Not available for SXC.

Aircenter and SXC – Compact compressed air systems
The KAESER AIRCENTER is a complete, turnkey system for the production of dry compressed air. The arrangement of a KAESER screw compressor with its highly efficient SIGMA-Profile airend, together with an energy-efficient refrigeration dryer mounted on an air receiver creates a compact and highly economical package. Furthermore, AIRCENTER and SXC units are far less work-intensive to install than conventional compressed air systems.

Sigma control   SIGMA CONTROL 2
The control unit features an easy to read display and durable input keys. All relevant information can be viewed at a glance and user-friendliness is further enhanced by the logical menu structure coupled with the ability to display data in any one of 30 selectable languages.
   Maintenance friendly
All maintenance work can be carried out from one side of the unit. The left housing cover is easily removed to allow excellent component accessibility. Furthermore, there’s no need to remove the housing cover to inspect fluid levels or drive belt tension, as these can be checked via a convenient inspection window.
SXC 1   The all-in-one solution with energy-saving rotary screw compressor
There are also significant benefits to saving energy even with smaller rotary screw compressors. For example, a 20 % reduction in energy consumption with a 5.5 kW machine and 1000 operating hours per year translates into an annual saving of 1100 kWh and 660 kg fewer CO2emissions.
SXC 2   The all-in-one solution with refrigeration dryer
The thermally shielded refrigeration dryer is installed beneath the rotary screw compressor. At the heart of the system is a stainless steel plate heat exchanger with an integrated condensate separator.
SXC 3   The all-in-one solution with integrated air receiver
SXC units are equipped with an internally coated compressed air receiver. The receiver performs 3 important functions: It cools the compressed air, pre-separates condensate and stores compressed air. Accumulating condensate is reliably and efficiently removed via an electronically controlled condensate drain.
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Functional diagram of a SM series system as an example
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SIGMA PROFIL - more air for less power
SXC 2.2–5.5 kW
SX 2.2–5.5 kW
SM 5.5–9 kW
SK 11–15 kW
ASK 15–22 kW
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