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SIGMA PET AIR - Decisive Advantages


   Modular Turnkey Systems
Modular design enables systems to be precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of a given application and allows fast, cost-effective installation coupled with outstanding energy efficiency.
   Economical and Efficient
All components are precisely tailored to work with one another to achieve maximum energy efficiency. SIGMA PET AIR solutions featuring fluid-cooled rotary screw compressors and single-stage boosters are significantly more efficient than conventional systems. Furthermore, the use of air-cooled components eliminates the need for expensive cooling-water and investment in complex cooling systems. SIGMA PET AIR systems are supplied fully assembled and works tested.
   Blowing- and Control-Air
Blowing-air at 35 to 45 bar and control-air at 7 to 10 bar: SIGMA PET AIR systems produce compressed air in both pressure ranges without the need for additional investment. Energy consumption and investment costs are considerably reduced, as control-air is directly drawn off at the pre-booster stage. In addition, systems are mounted on a base-frame, which makes transportation and installation simple and enables space requirement to be kept to a minimum.
   Energy Saving Screw Compressors
The world renowned SIGMA PROFILE, developed by KAESER, saves up to 15 percent energy compared with conventional rotary screw profiles. The 1:1 direct drive reduces energy consumption still further as it operates without transmission loss. The PC-based SIGMA CONTROL provides fully automatic control and monitoring of the compressor system. Operation is made simple via 'traffic light style' LEDs and the plain text display which is able to show all information in any one of 30 selectable languages. A choice of four control modes are available to allow selection of the most appropriate for a specific application.
   Cost-Effective Cooling
The boosters are usually equipped with air-cooled after-coolers. In air-cooled units, a separate cooler and fan motor ensure minimal temperature difference (ΔT) between the intake air and compressed air. If required, larger models can be equipped with a water-cooled after-cooler.
   Low Service-Costs
As SIGMA PET AIR systems have only two compression stages (screw compressor and booster), users benefit from significant advantages when it comes to servicing and maintenance. Single-stage boosters for SIGMA PET AIR systems require considerably less servicing than multi-stage high-pressure reciprocating compressors. KAESER screw compressors feature directly driven, low-speed airends and are renowned for their low maintenance requirement, which is of benefit to the entire system.
   Single Source Systems - For all of your needs
KAESER KOMPRESSOREN provides all necessary components for every SIGMA PET AIR system. Users are therefore assured unrivalled efficiency, reliability and availability in the production of control- and blowing-air for PET container manufacture.
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