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Efficient drive and cooling systems; water-cooled versions also available


   Parallel heat exchanger
Both the low and high pressure stages of watercooled KAESER dry-running rotary screw compressors are equipped with their own dedicated parallel heat exchanger for enhanced heat transfer. This optimised cooling results in improved specific power performance.
   Optimised water cooling
Water-cooled models are equipped with high efficiency air / water heat exchangers. CuNi10Fe cooling pipes with internal lamella fins provide optimum heat transfer and lowest possible compressed air discharge temperatures with minimal pressure loss.
   High efficiency IE3 drive motors
KAESER's dry-running rotary screw compressors are equipped exclusively with premium efficiency IE3 three-phase electric motors. For SFC models, KAESER uses optimised frequency converter motors with insulated motor bearings.
   Jacket-cooled airend
In those places where things really heat up, i.e. in the second compression stage, coolant flows directly through the walls of the airend housing to ensure best possible heat dissipation and therefore efficiency.
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