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   Proven airends
At the heart of every KAESER dry-running compressor lies a tried and tested dry-running, two-stage rotary screw airend. Providing optimum performance and dependability, every airend ensures maximum efficiency throughout its entire service life.
   Durable coating
The blasted and bonderised rotors are treated using the special “Ultra Coat” process which provides the innovative and durable coating which is resistant to temperatures up to 300°C. Because this cost-reducing coating is highly abrasion-proof, its sealing and protection performance remains consistent even after years of operation.
   Chromium steel rotors
The second compression stage’s rotors are made from stainless steel, which eliminates the risk of rotor seizing or jamming caused by corrosion.
   Easy-access coupling
The electric motor directly drives the airend with zero transmission losses via a maintenance-free coupling. As there is no need for complicated disassembly work, the easy-access coupling can be exchanged quickly and easily.
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