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Compressed air drying for dry-running compressors


   Refrigeration dryer
Even for dry-running rotary screw compressors, refrigeration dryers are the go-to choice for delivering best possible energy efficiency and favourable investment cost when requiring pressure dew points to + 3°C. Pressure dew points below + 3°C are the domain of desiccant dryers.
   i.HOC rotation dryer
The optional i.HOC rotation dryer for integration in the rotary screw compressor reliably and efficiently achieves pressure dew points as low as - 30°C. The hot compressed air from the second compression stage is used to regenerate the desiccant.
   Combination dryer
HYBRITEC dryers combine the energy-saving operation of modern refrigeration dryers with the ultra-low pressure dew points of desiccant dryers. HYBRITEC dryers achieve pressure dew points as low as - 40°C with exceptional efficiency.
   Heatless regenerated dryer
KAESER’s DC series heatless regenerated desiccant dryers achieve pressure dew points to - 70°C, even under extreme operating conditions.
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