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The hybrid service bundle

Just buy the air you need
Imagine that your new compressed air supply system required not a single cent of investment cost. You didn’t need to fund it yourself or seek outside capital, yet the system is at the cutting edge of compressed air engineering technology and provides exceptional efficiency. Your compressed air supply is permanently guaranteed and the company’s budget requirement for maintenance or repairs is zero. Sounds good? It is good. See and read for yourself!

Benefits without compromise
You would hardly build a power station to meet your electricity needs. Why then would you invest your liquid assets to buy a complete compressed air supply system when you can opt for a SIGMA AIR UTILITY package from KAESER? We take care of everything from planning and installation, to system operation, maintenance and repair. This provides you with significant benefits: a reliable compressed air supply, maximum energy efficiency and complete cost transparency.

Everything from an expert source
Compressed air is too important to production to risk leaving its supply to anyone other than proven specialists with extensive expertise. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s hybrid service bundle is tailormade: After-all, KAESER not only provides application-specific system solutions designed by highly experienced compressed air specialists. As a leading compressor manufacturer and compressed air systems provider, KAESER also offers the associated hardware – compressors, compressed air treatment systems and ultramodern compressed air management systems – and with globally recognised ‘Made in Germany’ quality. KAESER Teleservice, the logistics centre and our extensive service network improve compressed air uptime even further. Everything fits.

Transparent and reliable
Companies that only buy the compressed air they need instead of a complete compressor station enjoy maximum cost transparency. The price per cubic metre of compressed air is fixed contractually for an extended term, which provides a much more reliable basis for assessing costs than a complex blended calculation. The basic price over the term of the contract covers equipment and operating costs and use of a base volume of compressed air. Moreover, air consumption exceeding this base volume is charged at a contractually fixed price.

The never-ending management challenge:

Variable costs not fixed costs

Companies should increase the share of variable costs and reduce fixed costs as a way of safeguarding their return on sales and liquidity in the event of significantly reduced turnover caused by economic crises. This is one way corporate management can ensure that the company remains viable even when times are hard.

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