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Outstanding performance with ADA and KESS

Compressed air is one of the most versatile sources of energy available for today’s production and service industries. Using ADA and KESS, Kaeser’s experts are able to plan and design a system that is specially tailored to meet all of your compressed air requirements and which will keep your air costs to an absolute minimum.

Reduce energy costs with KAESER

Depending on utilisation, electrical power can account for up to 90 % of the total costs of compressed air production. It therefore pays to keep power consumption of compressors and peripheral equipment to an absolute minimum – many existing compressed air systems hide an energy savings potential of 30 percent or more.

Pressure reduction through SIGMA AIR MANAGER master controllerapprox. 5 %
Reduced leakage losses resulting from pressure reductionapprox. 4.5 %
Optimised load with SIGMA CONTROLapprox. 10 %
Efficient compressor airends, 1:1 direct drive,
efficiency-optimised energy-saving electric motors, e.g. IE3, IE4
approx. 10 %

approx. 30 %

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