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Project Realization with KAESER Compressors


consultant For a successful launch into the new millennium, Brettener NEFF Ltd., a subsidiary of the Bosch Siemens household appliance group, implemented a corporate fitness program under the name "NEFF 2000 top". The program included 140 projects and actions aimed at cost reductions including modernization of the compressed air installation, revision of the product range, innovations and, last but not least, a change of company philosophy. The role played by compressed air in the NEFF energy saving program becomes rapidly apparent during a tour of the works in which there is hardly a single production step that manages without this multi-faceted energy medium. A fundamental for the intended efficiency improvement was, therefore, an assessment of the existing compressed air generating plant.
ada A detailed analysis of the company's compressed air demands was carried out by means of the KAESER-developed, computer-aided system known as ADA (Air Demand Analysis) and, based on the data gathered, a second KAESER tool was brought to bear. KESS (KAESER Energy Saving System) was able to analyze the weaknesses in the existing air compressing plant and formulate a much more efficient and economic alternative.
fly2 KESS has the ability to simulate various possibilities and judge their economic effect. The best solution proved to be an air installation consisting of three KAESER model DS 170 screw compressors to supply the base load, another of the same as a standby and three smaller model BS 61 compressors to cover peak loads. A KAESER VESIS master controller was chosen for overall supervision and coordination of the compressors to ensure not only their harmonious operation but also that they are evenly utilized.
(3D design)

The KAESER 3D planning system was of great assistance in presenting a realistic visualization of the proposed equipment, from which potential trouble spots could be seen and avoided, resulting in the most convenient and optimum layout for the new air installation.


(New compressor installation)

savingsA year after commissioning, the compressed air installation was assessed to judge if its performance matched the anticipated results. Savings of almost €85.000 in power costs alone were recorded in comparison to the old plant, without any sacrifice in operating reliability. In fact, the thermal problems associated with the old plant were not experienced at all.
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