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The equipment for ADA & KESS

Compressed air auditing with SAM

The SIGMA AIR MANAGER continuously measures, stores and documents all data relating to load / idle performance, duty cycle, energy consumption, network pressure and air demand. This information can be viewed via any Internet browser and exported for regular compressed air audits.


This equipment is installed on a rental basis for ten working days. The measurement procedure is the same for all compressors – including variable speed drive models. An opto-coupler ensures trouble-free data transfer to the ADA data-logger which records compressor load/ idle information. The results are then evaluated using KAESER’s Energy Saving System (KESS).

Quick and easy data storage

Data such as air delivery and pressure can be stored in the SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller via SD card and can be used in the energy calculation. The results are then analysed and evaluated using KAESER’s Energy Saving System (KESS).

ADA 20/30 measuring device

Installed on a ten day rental basis, the ADA 20 continuously records the airflow by measuring the pressure differential. The information stored in the data-logger forms the basis for effective system optimisation. The ADA 30 is permanently installed in the air distribution network and its data can be called up at any time via the measurement data processor.

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