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Competence in service


Authorised service technicians trained at KAESER headquarters

  • in compressor and blower mechanics and electrics
  • Compressor room ventilation
  • Refrigeration engineering
  • Air treatment engineering
  • Condensate treatment engineering
  • Electronic control and feedback engineering
  • Compressed air system optimisation 

Authorised service technicians are experts in the field of accident prevention regulations *)

  • Documented qualification with certificate of competence 

*) valid in Germany

Legal security for you because regulations are met. *)

  • Keep up your insurance cover through regular safety checks, authorised service, regular maintenance, the use of genuine parts and complete service documentation.
  • Personal safety is only assured by regular and rigorous inspection of safety systems 
*) valid in Germany

Greater operational reliability and cash-savings

  • Prevention of damage using correct preventive measures
  • Reduction in downtime with reliable fault diagnosis
  • Clogged filters lead to excessive pressure loss (one bar less pressure reduces the power consumption of your air system by 6 – 10 percent) 

Genuine KAESER spares ensure reliability

  • Proven component quality as demanded by the compressor manufacturer
  • Assured life cycle commensurate with the maintenance intervals 

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